Services & Sustainability

The lack of state investment in Early Years has led to a situation where private and community providers are struggling to stay open.


A recent study showed that private providers in Dublin make a profit of between €266 and €16,752 a year, the surplus for community providers is not much more.

This is simply not a sustainable business model. 

Providers are also faced with high levels of staff turnover as trained professionals look to other sectors or emigration to earn a living wage.

It is clear that the current ECCE and Childcare Subvention Schemes cannot support an Early Years Sector based on sustainability, quality and decent pay.

We know that providers want to pay a decent wage, we also know that this is impossible for many under the current funding model.

The solution for workers and providers is clear; by working together we can demand the state investment needed to build a quality Early Years Sector.



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