Our Campaign for Professional Pay

Early Years workers and providers are dedicated and passionate about delivering a quality service that focuses on the needs of children and realising their full potential. However they are facing some big problems.


Parents are paying too much for childcare. Workers are paid too little and are struggling to make ends meet. Providers are struggling to break even. Everyone is getting a raw deal.

Simply put, the Early Years sector is in crisis.

The cause of this crisis is clear; a lack of State investment. Ireland spends only 25% of the European average investment in Early Years services. While the government have made some progress, we need to radically change how we fund childcare into the future.

Children deserve quality, parents deserve affordability and workers deserve a professional wage.

This is why SIPTU has launched the “Big Start” Campaign. By bringing workers, parents and providers together we can become a strong voice that the Government cannot ignore. We can demand adequate investment in the Early Years services to make it affordable, accessible, high quality with professional pay.

Let’s invest in our future and give children a Big Start.



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